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Was I Effective?  
Get immediate feedback &  coaching advice from trusted colleagues. 
Guaranteed private! Only you see your data.

Who are we
Our Story

The ForwardInsight App is an easy-to-use cloud-based, peer-feedback, and smart coaching system. Its proprietary security and analytics technologies personalize on-the-job professional development that is critical in today's digital workplace.  Our goal is to help our users grow to reach their full potential.

Our Vision

Our mission is to do everything we can in every possible way to make every individual we support more effective in today's increasingly diverse, global, and often virtual community, 

Our Company Motto is:

"Every Contributor is a Leader and Every Leader Must be a Contributor"


Our cloud-based solution is built using a patented data collection, analytics, and simulation architecture with patent-pending state-of-the-art security protocols that guarantee your personal privacy and confidentiality.

No one but you can see your data, not even your bosses.

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Why Forward Insight?


Did your teammate's contribution during a particular event "work for you?"

Did their contributions make your job easier or harder?

The ForwardInsight App allows you to help your colleagues become stronger team contributors.

The ForwardInsight App uses feedback from colleagues and insights from experts to provide each team member with targeted advice and coaching. It offers them tailor-made reports, suggestions, and insights and even tracks their progress toward achieving their personal goals. 


Fast & Confidential

The ForwardInsight App empowers users to quickly share timely and specific feedback with colleagues.  

All these data are collected confidentially, processed securely, and delivered confidentially and anonymously.   

The ease of use, speed, and confidentiality of our patented platform enables each user to give and receive context-specific feedback immediately following any Event.  

With ForwardInsight users are able to reflect on events while they're still fresh and through Insights from experts, learn how to be more effective next time. 



The ForwardInsight App is easy to use, secure, and always confidential and anonymous. Its state-of-the-art technology empowers users to ask their colleagues to do things differently and in ways that will help that user - and thus the team - be more effective and successful.  Because each user is  giving and getting feedback about how to improve, the team itself works better, grows stronger, and operates in a climate of increasing trust. As each user becomes a stronger contributor, the ForwardInsight learning loop continually  builds trust across the organization, one interaction at a time.   






Why Forward Insight
Who Wants Feedback?

Why Do I Want Feedback?



Rob Asghar, Author

What the Forward Insight App Has to Offer?


Expert Coaching

The ForwardInsight App offers individuals personalized data & expert coaching without having to spend thousands of dollars on in-person training classes & professional development programs.

Self-Assessment & Development Plans

Coming Soon

Self-assessment plans keep track of your areas of focus, personal improvement, and favorite Insights that support your personal growth plan. The ForwardInsight technology platform does it all! 

Your Personal

Feedback Journey

Your feedback journey describes not only what is possible but also how it is achievable. You can track your progress along your learning journey anytime, from anywhere.

What Foward Insight Has to Offer
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