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Case Analysis

Team analysis of a written case study and the preparation of a group report.

How do you help teams learn to organize a knowledge work project? A group project which analyzes the same data set is a good place to start. This relatively simple experiential learning team project is designed to allow students to learn effective participation in team-level analysis and the presentation of a report when the data gathering process in straightforward. In this exercise, there is a single, common data source (i.e., the Instructor assigned case). Thus, from an experiential learning perspective, this project helps students focus their learning on appropriate intragroup interaction. Furthermore, to provide anonymous feedback to others, they are each asked to comment on their colleagues’ preparedness, whether they engage in an open and respectful manner, whether they speak with clarity when drawing from a shared evidence source, i.e., the written case, and whether they remain relevant when the data source is the same for all participants.

Project Numbers


Distinct Events of various types are meaured throughout the term for reporting and student feedback purposes. .


Data records created for analysis and feedback reporting


Individualized reposnses per user allowing for anonymous feedback

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