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Consulting Project Office Analytics

Reaching a Deal
Client Learning 

 Analysis of Student Learning Patterns

Produced after every term, these reports compare student learning across sections, courses and department as well as against national averages. As such they are invaluable discussion tools during departmental meetings as members of the faculty seek to continually improve student learning experiences. 

Sample Report
 Scales of Justice
Key Client

Highlights Areas Where Students Underperform Comparable Groups

Produced on demand, these reports can be filtered by department, course, section, project, team, or event.  This allows instructors or administarators to quickly target areas that would benefit from a proactive learning interventions.

Sample Report
Market Analysis
Learning Assurance

Supports Your Institution's Assurance of Learning Process

These reports can be customized to provide the data needed to effectively manage the experiential aspects of your Organizational Learning Assurance Process as your institution has designed it.

Sample Report
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