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Action Consultant Guide: Let's Get Started

Set Up an Intervention

Team-building and group projects are an essential part of many learning experiences, whether they are in the classroom or online.  Using the real-time experiential learning Forward Insight system, you can vastly increase the pace of learning within student groups.

After registering and logging into the system at your workstation, you can quickly design a new group project for the class. Almost immediately, your students will begin using the Forward Insight App to give and receive feedback about their interactions in group events for the project. For example, events might involve how well they worked together to develop a plan or how well they brainstormed ideas. Any project can be incorporated into the learning architecture of an entire course, Or if you like, you can design one or more experiential learning opportunities that include learning events over multiple courses or across an entire instructional program, 

Sample Intervention
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Add Participants to Events

Have your students download the patent-pending confidential feedback and coaching Forward Insight App to their phones on the first day of class? The App is available from iTunes or the Google Play Store for free.

Once the students have registered, you simply go into your Forward Insight system and assign them to their Project Teams or even to specific Events (access fees for students may apply). You can also assign students specific roles such as Facilitator or Presenter. That's it. You are done!

Explore Participant Experience
Meetup Event

Establish Key Group Learning Events

From your workstation, you can set up in-class group exercises intended to help teams get organized, brainstorm ideas, set plans and milestones, share status and successfully execute deliverables.   

Or using the Forward Insight platform, you can design a long-term project that is organized across multiple class sessions, even across multiple courses. Perhaps, for example, you want the marketing plan for a venture that is identified in an Entrepreneurship class to be developed in a separate class, or you want the financials to be developed in a separate workshop. With Forward Insight, all of these pieces come together seamlessly in a final presentation that might, for example, be made to a panel of visiting Venture Capitalists.


Immediately after this Deliverable Event, by using the Forward Insight system, students can receive specific, anonymous and individualized feedback - as can Instructors and even the Guest panelists -all through the Forward Insight App.

Sample Group Exercise
Brainstorming Session

Use Reports for Reflection & Discussion

After each event, all automatically, participants receive anonymous and constructuve feedback about how their colleagues perceive their contribution to the event and its outcomes.

As the Instructor, you receive more comprehensive and aggregated feedback reports that can help you coach teams and the team members to be more effective during future events of similar types.

Forward Insight App also has customizable grading algorithms for individual student and group grading approaches.

Download Sample Reports
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