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E2 - Create a new event (video)

After your project has been created, you are ready to build your event

Video: Create a new event or follow these steps below


Step 1: Under Projects, pick a project you want to create an event

Step 2: You will see a window that shows the project under its name.

In the Events tab, click + New Event to create a new event

Step 3: Enter your new event's name, then click Create Event

Step 4: Under the event window, it shows some information, as image below:

  • Type: Choose the type of Event by selecting from the drop-down menu – “Meeting,” “Deliverable,” “Decision” or “Presentation.”

  • Survey: Select a survey from the drop-down choices provided.

  • Description: Create a description of the specific event you are entering. The name should provide users with the ability to recognize this event, even if there are multiple events under a project.

  • Location: Enter the specific location of this event. Include City and State for further classifications in your data analysis.

  • Scheduling: Enter the beginning and the ending dates/times here. This timeframe will represent when the event itself will take place.

  • Feedback: This provides dates and times when the feedback is available for users. Note that this timeframe must be after the event is scheduled.

  • Recurring: Click the drop-down arrow in this field if you would like to Event to reoccur. Recurring reports will be discussed in more detail later in this documentation.

  • Attendees: the list of members in your institution (or team) who are going to attend the event. You can invite a new user (who is not in your institution or team) to just attend this event only.

  • Include Survey:

    • Team: if you want to include the survey for your team

    • Top Contributor: This allows participants to pick who is the top 3 contributors to the team.

Step 5: Now, the new event is now available and ready to give-get feedback

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