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P1.1 - Editing an Existing Project

Updated: Jun 24, 2021

To edit or add details to an existing Project

Step 1: Click on “Projects” at the top of the Desktop Home Page. Projects page is actually the first page when you logged in. Then click on the Project you desire to edit.

Step 2: On this screen (images below), your Project Name will appear at the top of the screen. For example "Beck Muffler and Brake Seminar"

Additionally, you will have the ability to add or edit Events, Teams, Members, Question Sets, and Settings in the upper left of your screen (depending on your permissions).

Step 3: On the same screen (image below), choose Settings tab

  • Name: to change project's name

  • Description: To change the description of the project.

  • URL: a link related to the project.

  • Default Survey: choose your default survey for every event

  • Start Date - End Date: set-up dates for the project

Step 4: Click Save Now

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