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Making Every Meeting Count

How to ensure your relevance during meetings.

Is Everybody attentive? One way of keeping the participation up in meetings is by keeping it interesting. Work with the team to start a meeting off with some action like a quote, question, video, or group think task. Ensure your participation allows for transitions between topics to flow together to keep people engaged. Always you’re your appreciate for other team members contributions to the meeting.

Be Clear and Confident. When speaking to your team in a meeting make sure you speak clearly so that it is easier for people to understand what you are wanting to get across. Also, speak with confidence. If you did your research on what you are talking about making sure you don’t just say “I think…,” but “I know…”.

Don’t Memorize, Outline. Do not rely on yourself to memorize what you are going to say. Instead, rely on your ability to know the information that you are talking about and just follow an outline and relay the information in a natural manner. Memorizing can lead to more mistakes and misunderstandings if something vital gets left out. Outlines can be organized with bullet points, questions to answer, or even through graphics and pictures.


Inspired by May 3, 2019, Stanford Business Article, “Five Common Communication Mistakes (and How to Fix Them,” written by Matt Abrahams.

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