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S3.1 – Create and add question set to a new survey (video)

Before you start, please note:

- There are three categories in a survey: participant, presenter, and team

- You can apply these steps to all categories.

- There are two types of the response to a question set:

  1. Disagree/Agree: 1 - strongly disagree, 2- disagree, 3 - neutral, 4 - agree, 5 - disagree

  2. Yes/No: Yes and No to a statement

Video Instruction Or follow these steps below:


Step 1: Under Surveys, click + New Survey button to create a new survey

Step 2: Enter the new survey's name, then click Create Survey

Step 3: Under the Settings tab, it shows the survey's name, description, and other information as the image below

Step 4: Move to Question Set tab, select + add Question Set

Step 5: Enter Question Set name, then click Create Question Set

Step 6: Under Edit Survey Question Ser for Participant, it shows:

  1. Name of the question set

  2. Response type: you can choose to Disagree/Agree or Yes/No type depends on your question.

  3. Page Header: show the instruction or scenario for the question set

  4. Click Add Question(s) to add question(s)

Step 7: Pick question(s) that you want to include in the question set. Then, click Add Question(s) button

Step 8: Now, your question is ready, then click Save Changes


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