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T3 Adding team to a project

Updated: Jun 22, 2021

Forwardinsight provides you with the ability to add users and teams to your Project.

A team is a collection of users that are created under your Project. Utilizing Teams is optional but highly recommended for data tracking purposes.

You can use Teams that have already been created (below you see Team “E”) or you can create a new Team. To create a new team click here

You also have the ability to edit an existing team by clicking on the Team Name. To edit an existing team, click here

Please note: Remember that all Teams added to the Project will automatically be added as new event participants.

To add a team or teams to a project,

Step 1: Under Projects, select a project that you desire to add a team or teams

Step 2: Move to Teams tab, then select +Add Team

Step 3: Select a team or multiple teams you want to add to the project, then click Add Teams

Step 4: Under the Teams tab, your team was added to the project

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